Advisory approach

We see ourselves as long-term partners of our clients

We are specialised in advising the automotive industry. This requires knowledge of the legal structures of the automotive industry as well as the sound know-how of the economic forces within the automotive industry.

Our highly focused industry approach is based on our high degree of specialisation and many years of experience in a number of selected fields of law.

Our corporate-team consists of our highly specialised corporate lawyers, including our network of preferred cooporation partners (national and international) who each are among the leading independent law firms in each of their area of expertise.

Our corporate-team offers business-oriented legal advise and handles court actions (Prozessführung) in the areas:

  • corporate
  • commercial, sales and distribution
  • brand protection.

We do not only apply the law. Instead, we anticipate trends in our industrial sectors and, thereby, develop innovative and creative legal concepts. Creativity and combining know-how and ideas means innovation. Innovation means progress. Progress creates added value for our clients.

Our services expressly aim at creating added value for our clients. Thereby, legal consulting becomes business consulting.

Owing to the extensive experience and the special know-how of our lawyers in selected commercial sectors, our clients benefit from our service quality, which is on par with that of large law firms.

At the same time, our clients profit from our structure which, in comparison to the larger law firms, is cost-efficient and flexible.

The increasing dissatisfaction of the clients with the inflated hourly rates of big law firms inter alia led to establish our law firm. Today, we are a small but outstanding group of highly specialised lawyers with clear and cost-wise lean structures. We are capable of offering our services cost-efficiently and in every respect flexible.

We either charge our services on the basis of hourly rates or on the basis of an all-inclusive budget determined in advance.

We are so capable of offering an adequate fee model to our clients in each individual case.

Experience shows that our offer discharges the budgets of our clients. With respect to the remuneration we try to establish a long lasting relationship to our clients as well.