Brand Protection

Our highly focused industry approach is based on our high degree of specialisation and many years of experience in a number of selected fields of law.

A company’s brand trademark is the most important message of a company. It is what you want to be unique and distinctive. It influences the customers‘ point of view on the company and its products. It is the vital asset of sales and marketing.

Effective brand protection hedges your competitive advantage granted by your trademark rights and stops brand abuse by others. Because of the damages and risks for the customers’ confidence and the brand appreciation which result from brand abuse, effective brand protection is one of the most important compliance duties. Our services aim at hedging your competitive advantage granted by your trademark and intellectual property rights.

The predominant share of sales activities are operated by using the internet. Thus, brand protection at the point of sale is online brand protection.

Many online brand protection service providers offer mass takedowns by using automated processes. However, takedowns alone do not create the desired preventive and repressive effects which online brand protection must have to be efficient and sustainable. This is why we create maximum (financial) impact on the infringer, attacking him one-on-one. And only through enforcing your information claims and your damage and compensation claims, you recover your brand protection costs.

This is why we have joined forces with Symbolex GmbH and Corma GmbH to cooperate in a project with the working title “360° Online Brand Protection”. We combine what traditional providers separate; the ‚investigative and analytical intelligence‘ of Symbolex and Corma with our ‚enforcement capability‘. Research and analysis, data handling and preservation of evidence with our legal enforcement activities form an effective seamless 360° business circle. We create synergies where other models suffer from conflicts of interests – not least for your benefit of efficient cost recovery.


  • corporate founders
  • companies in all industries
  • domestic and international investors

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